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Stay Connected


If you have social media accounts, including Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and/or Facebook, and would like to share this information with us, please do so by sending that information to us at

As we Mobilize for the Future, we must engage alumni, friends, parents and supporters of Clark Atlanta University to carry the vision of our newly appointed President, Dr. Ronald A. Johnson.  Dr. Johnson and First Lady Irene Oakley Johnson are committed to meeting as many of us as possible.  With this effort in mind, we are committed to creating a vehicle that will allow us all to Stay Connected through email, social media, video clips, photos, etc. 

Over the next few weeks, we will launch a feature on the CAU web site, our online Alumni Directory.  This directory will be dynamic, meaning it will require input from you, and consistent updates on a regular basis.  Once launched, we ask that you create an alumni profile and update this information regularly. 

We want to know if you move, get a new job, get married, have children, start a business, receive a degree, or planning a class reunion.  We want to know the the milestones in your life so that we can celebrate with you. 

As soon as this feature is completely updated and ready for use, we will make an announcement via social media and email and ask you to complete a profile.  We also ask that you pass the word and encourage other alumni to do the same.  

The information shared in the directory is private and is not shared with third parties; nor is it accessible to anyone other than the person creating the profile.  You will have the ability to opt in and out of emails, electronic newsletters, request information, etc. 

This Stay Connected feature is designed with alumni in mind.  It is our hope that the directory will be a great resource for everything we do at CAU.