In 1976, Coca-Cola created the slogan “It’s The Real Thing.”  However, long before it was a Coca-Cola slogan, Clark Atlanta University established we were the real deal, the genuine article, The Real Thing, due in part to our distinguished alumni, history makers who continue to set the pace for all who follow in their footsteps. The alumni of CAU are made of something special.  

This section of the web site is dedicated exclusively to you, the alumni of CAU.  Our goal in creating an online alumni directory is to document the many accomplishments, stay in close contact, and celebrate the unique culture of CAU and history of making moments of our alumni.


Let’s begin with one alumna some may be aware of, and others are being introduced to for the first time, a real trailblazer who exemplifies The Real Thing! Mary Cowser Alexander made history as the first African-American female to appear in a Coca-Cola advertisement.  She appeared in approximately 15 Coke ads, many of the advertisements Mary appeared in were portraits of the black family.  Like the ad seen here, we see our gorgeous Clark College student gathered around the piano with a 1950s family.  

Mary saw the opportunity to model for Coca-Cola as a means to an end.  She used the earnings from the ads to pay her tuition.  As you can see Mary was more than an intellectual. She was crowned Miss Clark College in 1956 because she was an intellectual, beautiful and a leader at a very young age. Upon completing Clark College, Mary moved to Detroit and pursued a career in Education. 

We salute the courage of this pioneering alumni of Clark Atlanta University and invite each of you to share stories of impressive alumni like Mary Cowser Alexander, CAU alumni who continue to epitomize the mission of our great institution.  Congratulations, Mary Cowser Alexander!


The Online Directory is available and allows you to search for alumni and friends of Clark Atlanta University.  The Profile allows you to create and update contact information in the internal database of the Office of Institutional Advancement.  These features are placed behind security, and you will be required to submit a New User Registration request to obtain access to the features.  You will have the ability to update an alumni profile, include social media contacts, and keep us updated on the small and great accomplishments in your life.  

The official launch of the Online Directory will be announced through email, hardcopy letter and social media post to CAU’s social media sites including Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook

We look forward to increasing our outreach to alumni and have greater contact with alumni.  This is a two-way communication tool so we look to you to assist us in making it a really cool and productive place for alumni to stay connected.  Unlike the other sections of the CAU web site, the online alumni directory is exclusively designed for alumni.

Let’s make this space The Real Thing!